Im no good at this

I am not a good blogger. For some reason I thought that I would have time to actually sit down and write out my thoughts. HA!

I started this blog in the first place to write about mothering in an honest and judgment free zone. I cant post the things I want on Facebook for fear of people arguing with me. I am not a good arguer. I get emotional and flustered and want to tell every one to just fuck off!

Then I do as I always do with every thing I love. I stop. I stop because I lack the discipline to sit down and do anything for 5 minutes with out my mind wondering and getting distracted.

I didn’t make a resolution for 2014, as I never follow through. But I am going to try to do this more.

To who ever is following this blog, Thank you. I always fear no one cares what I have to say, that I have nothing to say. But usually when I do say it some one likes it =)


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