Time. Its my worst enemy! I’m always out of it, in need of more of it and can never get back the time that I have lost. I’m also super good at wasting it. I’m a distracted person and really welcome distraction to avoid doing other more important things. I put off house work to craft, I put off home work to clean and I put off crafting when I must do homework. All of my life I have wished I could go back in time. To fix the mistakes of a choice  that turned out so, so bad. But than I would not be who I am today right? I would be better! Or maybe not..
Guilt plays a roll in how I spend my time. I’m away from my daughter 9 – 13 hours a day and when I do have “free time“, I feel obligated to give it all to her. But than the distraction kicks in. I’m playing with her, but folding laundry. Bathing her in the left side of the sink, washing dishes in the right side of the sink. I hear her call for me 100 times a day to “play toys” and “run together”. Mama has to finish the dishes, mama had to put away the laundry, mama has to get ready for work, mama has to cook dinner, mama doesn’t want to to….
I need a good balance. A schedule of time to follow. I need to give my 100% or at least 85% to one task at a time instead of 10% to 5 things that do not get done. Or at least if they do get done, they do so poorly.
For now I will just work on quality time. Giving my all, or most, to one thing at a time. Letting my mind restfrom the ever powerful feeling that I need to be doing something to prove my worth to my self.
An Awkward Mother.
How do you manage your time? Leave a comment!

2 thoughts on “Time

  1. Hey it’s ajsmotha lol! First id like to say nice blog lady! its weird because i actually had a seminar on time management yesterday if you want I can email you the power point. The advice is very subtle but it does open your mind to help you realize the things you can change.

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