Revisiting My First Post and a Disclaimer

My first post was fueled by anger and irritation. A silly Facebook meme that condones hitting children and how it is perfectly ok. I wrote a heated and emotional rebuttal and really did not pay attention to spelling and grammar. I posted it to Facebook and was torn apart by someone I don’t really know all that well. A friend of a friends husband decided to tell me how much he disagreed with my view, which is ok, than offered to edit my post for me because it was almost unintelligible. I feel like he threw in the offer to hurt and embarrass me because my position on hitting children offended him. This caused deep shame in my ability to have a blog and articulate my feelings. which is the exact opposite of why is stated this blog. So I reached out to my Instagram Community and pleaded for an editor. A very nice woman that I follow offered to edit my post for me and did so for all of the post except this one.

This is where my disclaimer comes in. Writing a post, emailing it to some one and waiting for it to be sent back is breaking the flow of my thoughts. I need to be able to write as I think and get it on the blog ASAP! My editor has done a wonderful job =) I am truly grateful that someone stepped up and offered help at my desperate pleas. But like I said, its breaking my flow. So as of now I will no longer have my posts edited. If grammar and punctuation are a problem for you as far as reading my posts, feel free to unsubscribe or un-follow to them. Grammar, punctuation and basic  math have always been a really problem for me my whole life. I will not let that stop me from doing what I want to do. So you can take it or leave it. (And thank you for taking it!!)

An Awkward Mother

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One thought on “Revisiting My First Post and a Disclaimer

  1. Ya know, I used to be so irritated at major errors from bloggers. I live with a huge pet peeve because GH doesn’t know the diff betweent writing “your” or “you’re.” *shudders*

    But! I then realized blogging is a community and most of it an outlet for all these thoughts in so many different minds. It’s neat to be able to “converse” with people all over the world so I dropped by judgment soon after I realized this.

    That dude is a dick. Plus, if that’s any consolation, any traffic to your blog is good traffic. 😉 Im so prou of you for continuing even after that douche bag!

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