I Don’t Hit My Kid


I have seen this posted on Facebook as peoples status numerous times.

Instead of commenting on the persons status and possibly hurting someones feelings or making them upset I decided to take this regurgitated bull shit and break it down. 

So you laugh at people who choose not to spank / swat / hit  their children? Because you know better than the parents of said child. Because you have had your own children, who you spanked, you are an expert on all children. My child? 

You don’t hate your own parents, you have no trust issues with them. Well that must apply to ALL children than right? No child who is spanked will ever hate there parents or have trust issues, because after all they were just getting what they deserved, right?

 You feared screwing up and doing things your way. So I should pass that fear to my own child….. I should suppress my child’s instincts to try things her way. I should squash her curiosity and replace it with fear. 

Oh you respected your parents? Well that’s nice. Because it really seams like you were just scared shitless to make the wrong move and fell in line. And don’t you dare step out of that line, or you will get smacked. SPANKING = RESPECT? 

You claim that you were not abused just disciplined. And because people do not hit, oh I mean “discipline”, that’s the problem with the worlds children to day. Humm, seems like the people that are the most messed up had messed up childhoods. You, nor anyone else, can lay claim to what the problem with kids today is. Why would you respect some asshole who hit you all your childhood? RESPECT = RESPECT.
So if you are not giving it you damn well should not just be expecting it.

 As an adult survivor of child abuse, I take issue with this type of mindset. YOU are the adult, you should be able to control yourself. Children learn from what they see their parents doing. If your child is a disrespectful little shit, you better check your self.   

Comment if you got your butt smacked and take issue with it!

– An Awkward Mother


4 thoughts on “I Don’t Hit My Kid

  1. I think instead of telling this one person why he is so wrong for the way he punishes his child you should be giving ideas on how to punish a child, some parents just don’t know what to do with their kids sometimes and use it as a last resort. For once it would be nice to see someone giving suggestions instead of just bashing someone else’s choice.

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